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Latest Update from AKA:


"The DEA will be releasing a statement in the next few days about opening a public comment period and exactly what that will look like. Obviously we are going to need to flood them with comments!


Aside from every single person writing in with their testimonies, we will need to get as many medical professionals (preferably MDs) and scientists to submit comment and testimony as we possibly can to challenge the claims that Kratom is an opiate and that it has no medicinal use.


This is a very big deal y'all. Regardless of what happens, it means our voices have been heard!!!


As an aside but also important, with Congressman Pocan being our champion, no more calls are needed to his office. I sincerely thanked him on behalf of all of us (and if you live in WI, you should send a thank you), but let's let them now focus on seeing this process through with us!"


MS: We are awaiting details of the comment period mentioned above.