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AKA Promo Samp. - Green Maeng Da Lot #295

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**Limit 1 per order** Special Price, $4.99 - try this before buying the 2.5KG AKA Promo product.

 AKA Promo Samp. - Green Maeng Da Lot #295


Choose this 25g product if you want to sample AKA Promo - 2.5KG Green Vein Maeng Da Lot #295 before purchasing.

Due to a recent delivery error by one of our suppliers, we received a disproportionately large amount of one variety (Green Vein Maeng Da Lot #295). Our initial goal was to restock just enough for our catalog to last through the rest of 2016 while we wait and see how legal events unfold, but there is no way we can sell this amount of a single variety in that amount of time. To reduce the risk of ending 2016 with a large inventory at a time when the legal status might still be tenuous, and rather than spend the money to have the mistake corrected, we have decided to sell it at a large discount in pre-packed 2.5kg amounts.

Additional Information

Size 25g
Crushed Leaf/Milled Powder