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How To Pay

We have temporarily lost the ability to process credit/debit cards for payments directly through our website. While we acquire a new solution, we have the following options for payment once you have placed your order:

(updated 11/19)


1. Please do NOT use Paypal, Venmo, or PopMoney

Business transactions are against PopMoney’s terms, Venmo is owned by PayPal, & Paypal hates kratom.


2. ZellePay (fastest)

Anyone with a debit card linked to a checking account can use the ZellePay app, and their bank doesn’t have to support it.


Note: prepaid cards, business debit cards, “virtual” debit cards, and gift cards are not supported.


This mobile app lets you pay from any checking account for free. It was created in September (so there are still some minor bugs, which may explain its low app-store ratings, but it IS working very well) by a group formed by Bank of America, Citi, and Wells Fargo as the big banks’ answer to Venmo. It is integrated into many banks’ websites and their own apps, but it is NOT necessary to bank with one of the partner banks to be able to use it. ANYONE with a debit card tied to a checking account can use it.


You can use the app as built into your bank's website or app (if supported), but you can also sign up using the ZellePay app. To sign up, download the app from either the Google Play store or the Apple Itunes store. Enter your phone number, enter the validation code that is sent via text/sms, enter your email address, enter the validation code that is sent to that address (this sometimes takes several minutes), and finally it will ask you to select your bank. Just scroll down to the bottom where it says “Don’t see your bank?”, and then it will ask for your debit card. Finally, be sure to use the address that is on file for that card.


Then, click Send, and simply enter the email address (note: you don’t have to add this address to your contacts). For the question “What is this for?” enter your order number or the shipping name.


3. Check or Money Order

Customers with a positive order history (email if unsure) - if you were to opt to send a check or money order, we would send this quickly if could first you send a photo of it when you are ready to drop it into the mail, Otherwise, we'll ship when the payment arrives.


4. EFT/ACH Transfer/Online Bill Pay/Western Union bank-to-bank

Electronic transfer is feature that many banks offer for free or for a small fee through their website. If your bank does not have this feature, you can use to send a bank-to-bank transfer in the same manner, for $0.99.


While reliable, this kind of service does not inform the recipient of an impending transfer, and there is no “payment reference/memo” field to include your name or order number. Therefore you would need to send a screenshot or forward the confirmation email to us at to confirm to us that the transfer has begun. It often may take a few days to initiate or complete, but we will ship immediately as soon as we see your confirmation email/screenshot. Please do not send a wire (through the FedWire system) as our bank charges us to receive wires. Sometimes a Bill Pay service will only work with businesses that are known to that bank (ie, not us), in which case they won’t ask you for a routing number - in that case it won't work.

You would need to provide them some or all of the following information:


Bank name: TruWest Credit Union

routing: 322173055

account: 930012544


Name: KDL E-Commerce Solutions

Address: PO Box 143179, Austin TX, 78714

Phone: 512-920-0536



Regardless of which method you choose to use, please help us confirm your intentions with a photo, screenshot, or transfer confirmation email. There is no need to email if you use ZellePay, as it automatically sends us an email notification as soon as the transfer is started, helping to minimize clerical work. If you have any questions about the above solutions, please don't hesitate to contact us at