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Fall Newsletter 2018

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Dear Client,

Greetings, friends - we hope that you and your families are having an enjoyable fall. In this newsletter, we want to update you on the latest goings-on in the kratom industry. Please read until the end, where you will find a coupon in thanks for spending your time with us.

If you've been following the ongoing saga of the struggles experienced by consumers and providers of our venerated plant, you are probably already aware of some of the troubles consumers and distributors face as a result of actions by the FDA. Today we have the following developments, in chronological order:

Nov 13th, 2018: Business Insider article claiming that a ruling by the DEA on scheduling of kratom is "imminent." 

Right now, researchers at the DEA are evaluating the two main components in kratom. They'll either rule the same for both ingredients, effectively banning all forms of kratom nationwide, or they'll ban one and make the other potentially available as a medicine at a later date. That's according to Melvin Patterson, a spokesperson with the Drug Enforcement Administration who described the ruling as forthcoming.

"I think there's just a few remaining in-house things the DEA was looking at" before issuing a ruling, Patterson told Business Insider on Tuesday.

Nov 13th, 2018: AKA Letter - AKA sent out a newsletter Tuesday night sounding the alarm about the large number of imported shipments being stopped by the FDA, as well as the FDA's strategy to chip away at legality state by state.

Nov 14, 2018: FDA Statement by Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. Gottlieb released another statement yesterday, repeating their "concerns," but not providing anything new to bolster their argument or to address earlier arguments provided by the AKA. It is apparent that they will continue on their path to convince federal and state regulators and legislators to restrict kratom through state laws.

Nov 14, 2018: AKA clarifies its perspective that it is unlikely that we will see an imminent DEA scheduling, although it is still possible in the near future. Even if this were to occur, the process would take between a month and two years, and they have a well-founded strategy that they believe would make such efforts to ban kratom federally difficult. Their view is that the political landscape has changed because mid-term elections have created a stronger base of support for kratom in the US House of Representatives. However, there is no uncertainty about the FDA's push to attack kratom on the state level with pending legislation existing in several states.

Our View

It is true that we are seeing supply problems, and of course we also have first-hand experience with the effect that the FDA's claim of kratom posing a risk has had to deter banks from providing credit card payment processing. We see the AKA's lobbying efforts as being extremely effective, as they have been successful every time they've been able to focus on state officials. Therefore we believe it is vitally important to continue to donate to AKA. Lobbying takes time and money, and AKA has proven themselves to be competent at correcting misinformation and changing minds in state governments. Please give what you can at their Donation Page.

Barriers to Supply

Many of you have asked about the dwindling number of product offerings in the catalog lately and if this is related to recent news. The simple answer is that the FDA has successfully hindered importation by the large importers, with at least a hundred tons currently in limbo for one of the larger distributors that we know of. Coincidentally, smaller imports of our small-batch products like Baik Bali and Plantation Maeng Da are also encountering obstacles with shipping logistics overseas.

Thankfully, we have been able to acquire some additional, quality inventory through a new import channel, and this material is also tested for pollen, yeast, mold, metals, and bacteria/salmonella. While we will always stand by our products and do whatever is necessary to ensure your satisfaction, we urge you to purchase samples initially in order to limit the churn that comes from buying too much of an unfamiliar products. We are not certain how long supply setbacks will plague the industry, but as long as it is possible to replenish, we will.

We have also purchased the remaining U.S. stock of Baik Bali and Plantation Maeng Da currently available. While these two products have enjoyed a long legacy of consistency and quality from the original supplier which goes back six years since our inception, they may have a limited lifespan in our catalog unless the supplier can find new shipping solutions. We will also limit the number of 250g product sizes in our catalog depending on developments.

Please also understand that it will take us a little time to build the catalog back up due to the labor involved with processing and packaging - check back occasionally as additional strains are added daily.

Thank you for reading, and please use the coupon "SHARE" for 10% off the subtotal on your next order (up to a total discount of $25 per order).




Ken & Team MS